Creutzinger Update

I haven’t been as active on here as I was hoping to be but we have had an interesting couple of weeks in the Creutz home. A lot has happened in a short time so I will try and catch everyone up.

Zac and Lyssa:


Zac has 15 more days until he graduates from IBOLC. He has worked really hard and I am so excited for him to have one more training under his belt. He has finished up all of his time in the field at this point, so he gets to come home every night. That makes me extremely happy. The weeks he was in the field felt more like months to me. Having him home makes me feel so spoiled. He is very happy that it is Reds season again. We both sported our Cincinnati gear on Opening Day and he kept himself updated on the score. He found a website to watch the Opening Night game, so he’s pretty excited about that. We are both fighting some pretty obnoxious allergies and having a difficult time finding an allergy medicine that works without knocking us out. We have been going to bed earlier and earlier every night simply because of how drowsy our medicine makes us. We go through tissues like crazy. Since a lot of people have been asking, I recently started nannying for an amazing family with two kids and a cuddly dog. They keep me busy and on my toes when Zac is training. I couldn’t think of a more perfect family for me to work with. I have also been working on a logo and t-shirt design which should be coming together some time soon (if my computer allows). And I have picked up painting again. It started as a way to kill time on a weekend while Zac was in the field. I had so much fun painting it and it made time fly by. After that painting sold, I decided it was worth it as a hobby. I just wish I had taken a class on “How to Paint with a Puppy”. Koda bumps into me about every 30 seconds and makes it very difficult. Zac has made dinner for us twice this week. He made steak the first night and I was very impressed. He only had one mishap, but we are still trying to clean it up. He sat the plastic bag of lettuce on the stove that was still hot. The plastic melted to the stove and we have tried everything we can think of short of burning it off. He also left a mountain of dishes for me to clean. Tonight he made pork chops. I have only had pork chops prepared one way, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but he did any amazing job with those too! And this time he left the kitchen spotless and the dishwasher running!


Our little Koda Bear is now 20 weeks (or just over 4 and a half months) old. He has had a rough few weeks. He was having diarrhea and puking up his food so we took him to the vet. They gave us a weeks worth of medicine and told us if he wasn’t back to normal after that week, to come back and they would try the more “Heavy duty stuff”. He started to get better and we thought we had made it out of the woods. A few days after we ran out of the meds, he got worse. The night before Easter, our poor boy was up every hour with bad diarrhea. We had to wait until Monday to get him back into the vet, so Easter Sunday was a long day. If Koda wasn’t such a water guppy, my main focus would have been trying to keep him hydrated. When dogs have bad diarrhea they often don’t want to drink any water and become extremely dehydrated. Some get so bad they need to stay over night with vets to get liquids put back into their systems. But Koda isn’t “most dogs”. He LOVES water. I am convinced he loves water more than he loves food. We can’t turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, or take a shower without Koda thinking he’s getting something to drink. So keeping him hydrated wasn’t a problem. Now we have him on another pill and a liquid medicine. Getting him to take the pill is simple. I just sneak it into his food bowl and he takes it without even knowing. But he hates the liquid. The second he sees the syringe in my hand he runs away. Getting him to take it gets harder everyday. The vet said it tastes “chalky” so most dog don’t enjoy it. Poor guy gets so worked up fighting to get away from it, by the time I force it into his mouth, he’s so exhausted that he sleeps for hours. But he seems to be getting better. Fingers crossed it stays that way this time.


Our little gentleman is getting more and more brave! He has spent more time out from under our bed this week, than he has since we brought Koda home. I am so excited to see him acting more “normal”. He is back to his usual spot by the front door waiting for Zac to come home. I would have to say, he loved his Easter basket more than anyone else. He plays in his three-way tunnel for hours, everyday. He will sprint from our bedroom into his tunnel in the hall then into the bathroom and back again. He is still scared of Koda, but Zac and I both have noticed he’s holding his ground longer than he used to. I’m excited with this progress and can’t wait to see what happens when he isn’t scared anymore. He won’t let me near his with his “ShedMonster” lately so he is getting a few dreads in his big poof of fur. But when I don’t have it, he follows me everywhere. Between Smittens and Koda, I don’t remember the last time I peed alone. They don’t give me a moment alone. And I don’t really mind it.

I will do my best to keep up with posting what we are up to every week so be sure to check back to see what we have been up to! Until next time!



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