How to Show Off Your Shutterfly Books

My husband and I love photos. We take them all the time. Our favorite thing to do with our endless pictures is making Shutterfly books. Every year we make one or two “Creutzinger Family Yearbooks”. I spend all year perfecting every page, so the idea of throwing them on some shelf where no one would see them just doesn’t seem fair. I have been searching endlessly since we moved, to find a way to display our books that didn’t seem tacky. I finally found it:

Plate Holders!


I saw the idea on Pinterest a while ago, but finding wall mountable plate holders is no walk in the park. I searched for months. Hobby Lobby had a large piece that had three places for plates, but the spacing wouldn’t allow for our books. They also had several that weren’t mountable. That seemed to be universal. And they were all $10 or more a piece. We had no luck anywhere. But we stumbled into Pier 1 Imports looking for something else and stumbled upon the perfect Plate Holders!

They were a whopping $3.99 a piece! We grabbed three, feeling like we hit the jackpot! They were so simple to hang. I measured out how far apart I wanted them, made they were straight and put three nails in the wall. That was it! They look great! They can successfully hold multiple books if you need them too. We had our honeymoon printed out in two parts, so we have both of those books on the same holder, and it looks great!IMG_9929

The only down side is the placement of the books on the holders could make them look uneven. You have to check them any time someone takes a book down. They also swivel from side to side since they are only hung by one nail. But if you simply check them after someone places the books back up, you will be golden!

I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I love the personality they add to our dining room!



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