Tips for Affordable Teeth Whitening

IMG_1395When I got engaged, I realized I needed a teeth whitening system that actually worked. I had tried brushing with baking soda, Crest 3D Whitening, and so many other things that seemed to only work at a snail’s pace. I stumbled upon the Plus White Premier Whitening System at Walmart. There are two different packages in this system. The one pictured is a starter kit. It costs about $7 and includes whitening gel, a tooth tray, and a mouth rinse. To use it you simply line the tray with gel and place on your teeth. The first couple times you use it, you may want to leave it on your teeth longer than five minutes. I used it for 15 minutes, every other day for the first two weeks. After that, I was able to cut back to 5 minutes, every other day. Once you reach the desired whiteness, you can cut back to five minutes once or twice a month. My family noticed the change with in the first week. And the results will last several months without up keep.

Once you run out of gel, there is another package that just sells the gel. I have not found a package that also sells the mouth rinse, so when you run out of it you’ll have to buy the starter kit again. Compared to other whitening systems, you cannot beat the price for Plus White.

So if you want to start seeing a whiter smile in just two weeks, stop by the nearest Walmart and pick up the Plus White Premier Whitening System starter kit. Happy Whitening!



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