Why You Need A “Day-Of” Wedding Planner

Every girl dreams of the day they get married to the man of their dreams. These days, Pinterest gives everyone the means to plan their big day.  But planning and executing are two totally different things.  I am the type of person who likes to do things herself. I love making things myself and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something on my own. But for something as important as my wedding day, I didn’t want to let my pride get in the way. I talked to my husband about hiring a “Day-Of” wedding planner and he agreed that it was something worth paying for. It was one of the BEST decisions we made in our planning process. We hired Rebecca Potzner, the PR Queen of Cincinnati, Ohio. We benefited from this decision almost instantly. No matter who you hire, there are so many reasons to hire a day of wedding planner.

Here are the top ten:


1. Pre- Wedding Planning Help

Rebecca started helping us the moment we hired her. She suggested vendors and other ideas in the months leading up to the wedding. We ended up going with three of the vendors she suggested. It cut down on the research we had to do. She also had a great deal of knowledge on venues in our area. Her input helped us make more informed decisions.

2. “Hook Ups” with Vendors

One of the most awkward parts of wedding planning is the first time you meet your vendors. All of the vendors who Rebecca suggested, knew her personally. This gave us something in common with them. It made our first meeting less awkward than those with other vendors because we had her as an “ice breaker”. It made the meetings more productive and by the time our wedding rolled around, we felt like we were friends with our vendors, not just their clients.

3. An Extra Hand:

One of the main things my husband I wanted in a venue was the flexibility to bring in what ever food or drinks we wanted. Since we were leaving Cincinnati, we wanted to share Larosa’s with our loved ones one last time. Most venues that offer that option are do-it- yourself places. This means setting the wedding up is completely up to you. But it also gives you the freedom to set it up exactly how you want it. Our venue offered a room full of decorations we could use, but we had to put it where we wanted it. Having a “Day-Of” planner gives you an extra hand. It’s one more person to help get things done. I’m not sure we would have been able to get it all done without her.

10649499_10202666865658854_6001193533834099728_n4. Relaxation for the Bride Before the Ceremony:

I have been to so many weddings where the bride stresses out while getting ready because everyone is trying to run every detail by her all morning long. The benefit of having the “Day-Of” planner is the ability to fill them in on how you want everything before hand so all the questions go to the planner and not the bride. I was able to sip mimosas with my best friends, watch Frozen with my flower girls and get ready in peace while Rebecca got everything done exactly how I envisioned it. I didn’t have to stress or worry because I had written out exactly what needed to be done, where I wanted everything, and anything else she might need. So she had all the answers, literally in her hands.

5. Having a Middle Man:

Throughout the day, vendors will have tons of questions. They’ll want to know when you want things to happen or where you want things to go. Instead of having 15 different people coming up to you all at the same time, they will all go to your planner, and your planner will bring all the questions to you at once. Having only one person to talk to and deal with all day really makes things simpler.

6. Having a Problem Solver:

No matter how much you plan and prepare, something is always going to go wrong. On my big day, all of my bridesmaids and I got kicked out of the park we were going to get our pictures taken in, we got stuck behind a train and were late to the ceremony, and we ran out of food before all of our guests got to eat. Just one of these things might have stressed me out had I not had Rebecca to lean on. When we got stuck behind the train, it only took one text to Rebecca to ensure everything would be pushed back accordingly. I trusted that she knew exactly what to do and she took care of everything with grace and ease.

10370344_10202666861258744_6630892645473513190_n7. Stress Free Night:

With all of the things that went wrong that day, everything got pushed back. Our DJ’s schedule was off, dinner was late, and guests were antsy, so we had to improvise our way through our reception festivities. Rebecca did a great job defusing situations and keeping what should have been a stressful situation and turned it into a completely stress-free night.

8. Keeping the Ball Rolling:

There is a lot of transition time on the day of the wedding. It is important to try and keep the flow of the night going smoothly. There were several times where my husband and I got so caught up in each other, that we weren’t ready for what was supposed to happen next quite yet or we just weren’t paying attention to the time. Rebecca made sure to inform us when something was supposed to start happening and made all the changes we wanted so we could continue to enjoy our time together on our big night. She did it all with a smile on her face.

9. Paying Vendors:

At the end of the night there several things happening all at once. People are leaving, vendors are packing up, things need to be cleaned, you have things to gather up and this whole time, as a bride or groom, you aren’t  concerned with any of that. All you want to do is enjoy the company of your new spouse and head out on your honeymoon. But during this time all your vendors are going to want to be paid. The easiest way to handle this is to write all your checks before hand and give them to your planner. This way you don’t have to worry about it, you’ll just know its taken care of.

10. Someone in Charge Once You Leave:

Everyone wants to be able to confidently leave their wedding reception knowing everything is going to get taken care of. With security deposits on the line, no one wants to leave without knowing you can trust the people gathering your things and cleaning up. And no one wants to make a family member take on that much responsibility. Having a “Day-Of” planner there to make sure everything got done made leaving, and starting our honeymoon so much easier.

I am definitely not saying you can’t do it without a “Day-Of” planner. I know so many people who have pulled off beautiful weddings without one. But I am saying, I would have had so many melt downs without her. Hiring Rebecca was one of the best decisions we made. Everything about our wedding day was perfect and we have her to thank for that. Regardless of who you choose, hiring a “Day-Of” planner is a must. I can’t imagine how the day would have gone without her.

About Our Planner:


Rebecca Potzner is a PR Passionista, music enthusiast, event planner and blogger. As the founder of Twist on PR and RPM she creates content for the young professional and offers PR and event planning services. While she’s not blogging or doing the above things, you’ll find Rebecca at her job as a Social Media Manager  at a PR agency, promoting a local radio station around the city, or attending concerts.

You can catch up with Rebecca on her website rebeccapotzner.com or her blog twistonpr.com.

**All the pictures on this post were taken by Rebecca**



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