Brushes and Beverages

Uptown Columbus, Georgia has quite a bit to offer. After living right outside of Uptown for seven months, I thought I had found all of its gems. But recently I stumbled onto Brushes and Beverages. I must have walked right by it countless times without ever knowing it was there.

Brushes and Beverages is a cute little art studio where anyone can paint a masterpiece while enjoying a glass of wine. The set up is very “beginner friendly”. I went with two of my friends on a Saturday night. They were pretty busy, but they were still very helpful and got us set up and painting as quickly as they could. When you walk in, you are greeted by an employee who explains prices and set up to you before you are seated. After receiving your canvas, you are free to walk around the studio and choose a painting off the walls. Once you find one you want to attempt, the workers get your pallet and prep your canvas for you to start. If you need shapes drawn, they will draw them for you and walk you through everything step-by-step. If you are a seasoned painter, don’t shy away. If you want to attempt it on your own, they are more than happy to let you do your thing. Either way, they make their rounds and help who ever needs it. wpid-20150613_215239.jpg

Katie chose a beach scene, Tabitha chose an elephant painting and I chose a picture of Marilyn Monroe. The workers warned me that Marilyn was not a two hour painting, but I confidently told them that I could do it. Boy, was I wrong. But they let me stay an extra half hour after they closed, sent me home with extra paint, and a brush, and even took our picture for us. I was very impressed that they weren’t rushing us out the door 30 minutes after they closed on a Saturday night. They really did want their customers to be happy.

We were already planning our second visit before we even reached the door.

Brushes and Beverages gets the “Lyssa Stamp of Approval”



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