Chattahoochee River Walk

Moving to a new place is difficult at first. Not knowing the “places to go” in your new town, can make a simple weekend out, very difficult to pull off. The move to Georgia was my first major move. So when we wanted to find somewhere to take Koda, I did what most people do these days; I Googled it. The first attraction that popped up was the Chattahoochee River Walk.


20150118_18014720150118_172447We entered the address Google listed into our GPS and it led us to a bridge, on the highway, over the river. Obviously, this was not the River Walk. We decided to try to find it ourselves and we got very lost. We could see a walkway by the river, but no where to park. We ended up finding a very secluded end of the River Walk that looked nothing like the pictures online. Koda wasn’t very old so we didn’t make it far before we had to call it quits. But he did get a chance to play on the rocks and explore out on the river. We had an amazing time but we still hadn’t seen the part of the River Walk that makes it Columbus’ main attraction. The part we did get a chance to see was beautiful and well kept. We saw a family getting portraits taken of their toddler, a few other dog owners walking their dogs and several bikers taking advantage of the trail. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d be back.


20150207_16095520150207_165308-0The second time we went, we did a bit more research on places to park. We were still pretty clueless about where we were, but we found a parking garage and made our way down to the walk way. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and it seemed like everyone in Columbus was there. This end of the River Walk had a lot more going on. There is a zip line that goes from one side of the river to the other, several scenic places to sit and relax, and my personal favorite, a little island. After walking to the end of the path, we turned around to go out on the island. Several people were sitting on the edges, watching other people kaiak through the rapids that rush around that island. We tried to get Koda to go into the water, but he was very unsure about the idea. He was very curious, but still scared to go near it. It was February, so the water was freezing. We figured we’d come back when it got a little warmer.



This past weekend we went back again with the intention of getting Koda in the water. It was a very beautiful, warm day, so the cold water wasn’t unbearable. Zac took Koda out first. I could tell he was still unsure about it, but he followed Zac out far enough to actually swim. After Zac had his fun, and Koda went nuts playing in the sand, I took Koda out with me. He swam with ease, but I could tell the cold water wasn’t fun  for him anymore. There were a couple other dogs roaming around and Zac ended up watching a beautiful, well trained dalmatian play fetch with a frisbee, in the water. He of course decided right then, that Koda had to learn how to do that. Koda and I climbed around from rock to rock and I tested how close he would get to the sound of the rapids. He was pretty tired so he just followed me where ever I went and sat down. When we had finally had enough of the island, we decided to walk in the direction we hadn’t yet been on the River Walk, to give Koda a chance to dry off. We walked until we found a bridge you can cross to get to the other side of the river. I was intrigued, but Zac and Koda were pretty much done, so we headed back to the car.

20150321_143430We have been to the River Walk four times, and we still haven’t seen all it has to offer. It is a great place to take your furry friends and its beautiful, from end to end. Koda finds new things to do every time we go and is always exhausted when we leave. (And If you have a puppy, you know how great it is when they are exhausted.) He gets so excited when we get out of our car and walk towards that island. I can’t wait until the river warms up so we can let him swim in more comfortable water. It is definitely one of his favorite places. And I can tell he’ll love it even more when he gets better at swimming. Just look at that proud face and tell me you don’t want to take your puppy swimming.

The Chattahoochee River Walk definitely gets the “Lyssa Stamp Of Approval”.



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