Flat Rock Park

Koda BearThis past weekend we decided to look for a new place to take Koda. We had seen Flat Rock Park on Columbus, Georgia’s list on BringFido.com when we first moved. We weren’t convinced we would enjoy it at the time. But we finally gave it a chance and we ended up loving it.

We parked our car and just started walking. We didn’t know where we were walking, but Koda was happy. We found a trail that led into the woods, so we followed it. It was a long, winding trail that went around the entire park. We left the trail when we saw the lake. We decided to turn around and try to find the flat rock waterfall we passed when we pulled in.

On our way back we found a creek. We have been trying to get Koda to get into water on his own, so we decided to give it a try. Zac took Koda to the other side to try and get him to get in the water. I stayed on the opposite side to try and get some pictures. Koda did not like me being on the opposite side of the creek. He panicked and tried to cross the creek. When Zac let go of his leash he ran back and crossed the bridge to get to me. We decided to try again but we switched sides. I crossed over the bridge and called out to Koda. He jumped right in! He did a lot more jumping and splashing than actual swimming, but he made it all the way across. We did it two more times. After we finished splashing around in the creek we made our way back to the front of the park.

When we finally got to the waterfall, Koda was too scared to go near it. He never does well with things that are loud. So we went above the falls so he could splash around. We played until all three of us was tired and hungry.

We didn’t even see half of the park. What we saw was well kept and beautiful.



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