Hawaiian Themed Care Package

My husband and I are lucky enough to be to be able to say that our first duty Station is Schofield Barracks, HI. Knowing that we are moving to Hawaii when this Ranger School journey is over, has made all the difference for me. It gives me something to plan and look forward to. Honestly its not something I feel like I need to explain; WE. ARE. PUMPED. So it was really a no brainer when I had to pick another care package theme.


  • Priority Mail Box
  • Card Stock
  • Letter Stickers
  • Decorative Stickers
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Hawaiian Leis
  • Packing Tape


  1. Construct your box using the packing tape.
  2. Use your card stock to cover every surface of the inside of your box. Some people leave the inner walls of the box uncovered. I prefer to cover it all so it looks uniform and complete.
  3. Using stickers write out: “Almost Time To Get Lei’d” on the top and bottom flap. I wanted to make the word Lei’d really large, so I cut it out of card stock myself. You should be able to find big letters at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, I am just picky.
  4. Cut the lei’s and be careful not to lose any of the flowers, Tape around the inside of the box. You may want to tape in several places.
  5. Use decorative stickers to decorate the other two flaps.
  6. I added a Hawaiian bucket list to one flap that included all of the things we had talked about doing together when we got there. I hoped that might lift his spirits.

Remember, you know your solider better than anyone. Add as many personal touches as you can. Have fun with your package and she/he will see the love you put into it. I know my husband is going to crack up when he sees this.

** This care package was featured on the Creative Care Packages Instagram page.



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