Disney Bounding – Ariel & Prince Eric

MK_GROTTOBCHAR_7483994731Ariel was a fairly simple character to pull off, but Eric was a little more tough. The good thing is, being together means you really only have to pull off one character really well, and everyone will figure it out from there. That’s kind of how we approached Eric.


  1. Purple Shirt – Previously Owned
  2. Green Skirt – Forever 21 – $5
  3. Little Mermaid Bow – Hot Topic – $8.50
  4. Shell Necklace – DIY – $3
  5. Red Cardigan – Previously Owned – Optional
  6. Black Toms – Previously Owned

Prince Eric

  1. White Tank – Forever 21 – $3.50
  2. Blue Shorts – Forever 21 – $12
  3. Red’s Hat – Previously Owned
  4. White & Blue Chucks – Previously Owned

Prince Eric’s outfit is a white top, blue pants and a red cummerbund. We adjusted the outfit to be comfortable in the Florida heat, so a cummerbund or something that resembles one, would not have worked. So we decided to just go with the red hat. I also got a very cute bow from Hot Topic a while back that had green and purple ribbon and a little “Dinglehopper” (fork) on it. I wanted to wear this, which took the obvious option of wearing red in my hair, away. So I decided to pack a red cardigan in case I got cold. It just so happened to be a chilly morning so I got to wear it for a little while.

As far as the shell necklace, it just took a little bit of crafting. I drew the shape of the shell on a piece of cardboard. Then cut that shape out on a piece of purple craft felt. You can get craft felt at a craft store or WalMart for around 75 cents a piece. That will be more than enough for one necklace, even if you mess up a couple of times. Glue the felt to the card board and draw the shell on the felt with a black Sharpie. Color around the edges of the card board with the Sharpie. Glue a black piece of construction paper (or any thick black paper) on the back of the card board. Cut a little hole in the top of your shell. Poke from the back to keep the front looking clean. Take a chain and loop it through the shell. You can purchase chains at WalMart for a dollar or two depending on the length and style, or you can use one you already own. And there you have it. A simple shell necklace for your Disney Bound!



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