Disney Bounding- Jack & Sally

STUDIO_HBKEYSTO_7482947010This was my favorite Disney Bound to make. My husband suggested we do something “scary” since we would be at Disney in October. So when he said Jack Skellington, I was thrilled! I LOVE Tim Burton and everything he does! But I knew it would be hard to find ANY thing that looked like Sally without just buying a costume. Hot Topic and Walmart both sold their own versions of Sally’s dress, but Disney Bounding isn’t about wearing costumes. So I decided to make my own skirt.

Jack Skellington

  1. Black & Grey Striped Shirt – Express – $8
  2. Black Joggers – Pac Sun – $50
  3. Jack Skellington Snapback – Spencer’s – $10
  4. Black Chucks – Previously Owned


  1. Hand-Made Skirt
  2. Black Cami – Forever 21 – $1.50
  3. Black & White Belt – Previously Owned
  4. Jack Skellington Light Up Necklace – Walgreens – $1
  5. Mickey Mouse Ears – $4 (Hand-Made Bow)
  6. Black Toms – Previously Owned

Eventually, I may do a post on how I made my Sally skirt, but for now you can just look at how cute we look in our Jack and Sally outfits!


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