Disney Bounding- Mickey & Minnie

EPCOT_ECENTR2_7484886257Mickey and Minnie are quite possibly the easiest characters to Disney Bound as. They are so iconic, as long as you wear a pair of ears, you can get away with just about ANY outfit. But if you want to stick to the classics you only need a few things.

Minnie Mouse

  1. Black Polka Dotted Shirt – Forever 21 – $3
  2. Red Skirt – Forever 21 – $5
  3. Yellow Toms – Platos Closet – $12
  4. Plain Mickey Ears – Party City – $4 (I made the bow with yellow polka dotted fabric I already had)
  5. Mickey Necklace – Pieced together from a Mickey Mouse Key Chain and necklace chain – $4

Mickey Mouse

  1. Black Tank – Forever 21 – $3.50
  2. Red Shorts – Forever 21 – $12
  3. Black Chucks – Previously owned
  4. Red’s Hat – Previously owned

You could do any variation of any of the things I just listed. For example, you could wear a red top instead of a black top for Minnie. Or you could go for the more modern Minnie by wearing pink. Make it your own! It’s YOUR bound.



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