Disney Movie Rewards

wpid-wp-1435026930718.jpegLadies and Gentleman, if you know anything about my husband and I, you know we. LOVE. movies. We have a collection of over 500 DVDs/BluRays and that number seems to just keep growing. My favorite kind of movies are obviously those that come from them Disney family of studios. Not only are they Disney movies, which is ALWAYS amazing, but they also come with my favorite little logo: The Disney Movie Reward logo.

Its something I had seen for years, but neglected to take advantage of. Chances are you would recognize that little logo but you wouldn’t know the first thing about what they have to offer. There are even snippets in the previews of your favorite Disney DVDs and BluRays telling us all about the DMR, but most people skip right over those too.

Now I’m sure you can imagine if a Disney Lover like myself has a collection of over 500, that I probably have quite a few Disney movies. So the day I decided to look into this whole DMR-thing, I was pleasantly surprised. I became obsessed. Before I was half way through my movie collection, I had already racked up enough points to redeem several prizes.

So how does it work?


Every DVD or BluRay with the DMR logo on it comes with a code on the inside. Go to disneymoviereward.go.com and make an account. You can then enter your codes right on that website, or add the Disney Movies App on your smart phone. I love the App because it will save the movies you enter to your account digitally and you can watch them right on your phone when ever you want.

**Keep in mind, some DVDs may be too old to have the DMR code or if you got the movie used, the code may not work. Also older DVDs may not save digitally to the Disney Movie App.

Once you have logged all your codes you will receive points. These points can be used to redeem a number of prizes. The prizes have a point total listed, kind of like a “price tag”. The more points you have the more likely you are to be able to redeem the “better” prizes. Prizes include t-shirts, collectables, entries into sweepstakes, music, movies (my personal favorite), and so much more. You can go through prizes and save the ones you would love to redeem to your “Wish List” so when you rack up more points you can easily cash them in for prizes.

You can get points from more than just your DVDs and BluRays! You can use ticket stubs from Disney movies and take surveys available on the DMR website to redeem more points!

The first time I cashed my points in, I “ordered” the movie Enchanted and it arrived at my house in less than the three weeks they predicted. It came with a code to redeem even more points and I ordered another! I am constantly checking for more chances to redeem and I just ordered The 35th Anniversary Edition 2-Movie Collection of the Rescuers! I could not be more excited for its arrival!

Disney Movie Rewards definitely gets the “Lyssa Stamp of Approval!” Don’t pass up all the free movies you could be getting by letting your codes just sit on your shelves unused! And if you aren’t going to use them, pass them along to me because I SURE WILL! 🙂

Happy Redeeming All!



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