Gaston’s Tavern Review

IMG_0019New Fantasyland has a lot to offer, but one of the most entertaining is Gaston’s Tavern. This manly eatery is modeled after the tavern from the movie. The most popular purchase at the tavern, is a drink called Lefou’s Brew. We loved it so much the first time, we were sure to go back and get another. It starts with frozen apple juice and a splash of roasted marshmallow flavoring. Then it is topped with a mango fruit whipped cream. When served in clear, plastic cups, it looks just like a cold beer, which was quite entertaining since there were children everywhere running around with them in hand. But they also serve them in souvenir goblet or stein. Last year I got the goblet because it has Belle on it. This year, I got the Gaston stein so I would have them both.

The tavern also has a variety of food. You can order anything from a Roasted Pork Shank to a Chocolate Croissant. On our first trip, we ordered a Warm Cinnamon Roll and a Chocolate Croissant. On our second trip, we split another Chocolate Croissant, but we knew what we were really there for was our Lefou’s Brew. Disney said the price range is $14.99 and under, but unless you want a souvenir cup or a Pork Shank, you wont spend more than $10 per person.

IMG_0622Once you get your food, you’ll want to find a table. Depending on the time of day, you may have to eat outside. The first two times we went, the inside of the tavern was completely packed. The accurate decor makes you feel as if you just walked into the movie. From antlers to barrels and even the large painting of Gatson above the fire place, every detail is perfect. Which is probably why it is always so hard to get a table. But last time we were there we were able to not only get a table inside, but get pictures in Gaston’s Chair! The chair is large enough to fit several people. It would be great for a family picture!
And while you’re taking pictures, there are two picture spots by Gaston’s Tavern: In front of Gaston’s Fountain, and in Gaston’s Meet and Greet Spot. There is usually a Disney photographer by the fountain. The photographers are on a rotation around the parks, so if you don’t see one when you get to the tavern, one should show up if you wait or check back. And if you see one near the fountain, you can ask them to come over for a picture. They are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! The second picture opportunity is the Meet and Greet with Gaston. From what I noticed, he comes out just about every hour on the hour, and stays out for about a half and hour. We went around 10 AM. Since his Meet and Greet are is secluded, his line usually isn’t long. Unless you get unlucky and don’t make it to the front of the line before he goes back in, you won’t wait too long. But unlike other characters, this wait will be extremely entertaining. You’ll be able to watch and listen to Gaston’s interactions with the other guests. If you have guy with you, be sure to check this out. It is always Zac’s favorite character.
MK_GASTONSTAVERNCHAR_7483942170Gaston’s Tavern is worth the visit. Although we packed our own snacks to save money, we couldn’t pass up getting a LeFou’s Brew! It is our favorite Magic Kingdom treat! And meeting Gaston is a Disney World MUST! Be sure to stop by on your next Disney vacation!


Here’s a few more pictures of all of our trips to Gaston’s Tavern!


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