DIY Patriotic 4th of July Wreath

This past weekend, my husband left for Ranger School and I issued myself a challenge to keep myself from going completely insane. I decided that every week my husband spent in Ranger School, I would complete a project. It would give me something to do in my free time, instead of spending it worrying about my solider at all hours of the day.

Since 4th of July is right around the corner, this week I decided to make a patriotic wreath for our front door. Not only is it fitting for the season, but it’s something Zac would love to keep up throughout the year.


  • Medium Sized Wire Wreath Frame
  • 1 Roll of Burlap
  • Patriotic Fabric (approx. 1 yard)
  • 2 Small American Flags
  • Pipe Cleaners (I would use tan, but I had brown on hand)
  • Card Board Letter
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue

** Everything I bought for this project, I bought at JoAnn’s Fabric. JoAnn’s not only has daily coupons, but they will also match the best deal from any other craft store. I am lucky enough to have gotten to know the sweet woman who works the cashier at my local JoAnn’s and she always takes the time to find me the best deal. I already had the burlap, pipe cleaners, and paint. Pipe cleaners and paint have a pretty standard price no matter where you go, but burlap is significantly cheaper at WalMart.**


  1. Start by attaching the end of the burlap to the wreath frame, using a small piece of pipe cleaner. Make sure you attach the pipe cleaners to the back. You aren’t going to want to be able to see them when you are finished.
  2. Then loop the burlap through, securing it with pipe cleaners every few inches.
  3. You’ll notice the wire frame is broken up into sections. I broke up those sections. I left the top and bottom sections, and the left center section open for fabric and filled the rest up with burlap. IMG_0425
  4. I chose two different fabrics and got 1/2 yard of each of them. But you could choose one yard of one fabric. Completely up to you. Either way, cut your fabric into strips that are roughly the same width as your burlap.
  5. Tie the fabric to the edges of the wreath.IMG_0426
  6. Loop it through, secure with a pipe cleaner, twist to (alternate colors), and loop again.IMG_0429
  7. Fill all the openings with the remaining fabric.IMG_0430
  8. Next, paint your card board letter to match the fabric you chose. (I had much more blue in my fabrics, so I painted the front of my letter red to balance it out. I painted the sides blue to tie it all together.)IMG_0436
  9. While your paint is drying, attach your flags to each other using pipe cleaners. (If you end up getting 99 cent flags, it may be a good idea to secure the flag to the stick it comes on using hot glue. The staples they use don’t always hold up for long.)
  10. Attach the the flags to the wreath using pipe cleaner. (I also added some hot glue to keep them in place)IMG_0435
  11. Finally, flip your card board letter over. Squirt a glob of hot glue on the top and bottom of your letter. While the glue is still hot, attach half of a pipe cleaner in the middle.IMG_0439
  12. Once dry, use the attached pipe cleaner to secure the letter to the wreath. I attached my letter and used it to block the pipe cleaners attaching the flags. I did my best to hide all of the unsightly pipe cleaners.IMG_0440
  13. Hang your master piece on your door and enjoy being the envy of the neighborhood 😉

Week One of my crafting challenge adventure is in the books! I think it turned out pretty cute! I can’t wait to see where week two takes me. I still haven’t quite decided what I am going to make, but I know I’ll have fun with it!



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