DIY Travel Globe

IMG_0481My husband and I want to do a lot of traveling together. This time next year we will be living in Hawaii and who knows where his military career will take us. So I wanted to make something to show off all the cool places we have been and will go in the future. There are so many ideas on Pinterest. I have seen maps with pictures cut out in the shapes of the places they had been, needle point maps with states stitched in, and maps with pins marking their travels. Since we already have signs labeling the duty stations we will travel to, we didn’t want another thing to hang up. We decided to use a globe and paint in the places we go together.


  • Globe
  • Paint Markers
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes


  1. The first step is finding a globe. I looked for a few months before I found one I wanted to use. Depending on where you look, globes can be very expensive. I found mine at Target for around $20. It was the best price I could find. But I would check at your local thrift stores before making the trip to Target. You could get lucky and find a good one for a very good price. IMG_0471
  2. Once you find your globe, the next step is to paint in your globe. Unless you like the look of your globe, you will want to paint it. My globe has a gold base, so I used a gold paint marker to fill in all of the land. If you are concerned with getting every single detail correct, I would get a fine tip paint marker. The markers are easier to control and some of the islands are very small. IMG_0472
  3. The water on my globe is navy blue and I liked the way the navy and the gold went together so I decided I wanted the water to stay navy blue. But I needed to cover up all of the words and markings so the globe would be consistent. I chose the closest navy blue paint I could find. Keep in mind, painting a round object presents its own set of challenges. If you can find a paint marker in the color you decide to use, use it. If not, use a fine tip paint brush.IMG_0474
  4. Touch up any places that may need a second coat of paint.
  5. Once your whole globe has been painted, you need to pick a color that you will have easy access to for a long time. The whole point of this project is to document your travels throughout your life time, so don’t choose a color that is going to be hard to find down the road. I chose silver.
  6. Color in all of the places you have already been.IMG_0476
  7. As a final touch, I used a white paint marker and drew in our home state, Ohio. I also drew a gold heart and outlined it in black, on Cincinnati. You can do the same on your home state and city. IMG_0478

Have fun with your globe! Make it personal to your family and it will mean so much more to you! I am hoping we fill up our globe with paint and memories. I can’t wait to see all the places our travels take us.



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