Office Chair Makeover

IMG_0747Now that it has been getting a lot of use, I am working on giving my craft room a face lift. Since I know I will be moving soon, I decided to start with big things that I will be taking with me. Currently my “craft room” is just the right half of our sunroom. Zac took the left half as his office, which he has yet to use. The calendar on his wall say April, and thats because I switched it over for him. He does 90% of his “office work” on the couch and the other 10% he spent at the kitchen table. Which worked out well for me because he had the only office chair. It was old and stained. It had so much cat hair matted to it that no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t get it all off. So when he left for Ranger School, I officially claimed it as my own and vowed I would give it the make over it so desperately needed.

It was such a simple project, you will regret not giving it a try with your old, crappy chairs.


  • Old Chair
  • Screw Driver
  • Fabric
  • Spray Paint (a color that works well with your fabric)
  • Staple Gun and Staples
  • Scissors

**The amount of fabric you need will vary depending on the size of your chair. Continue reading to see how it is used, then make an estimate based off your chair. If you can’t make an estimate, one yard should be plenty. Also be sure you get a spray paint that says it adheres to plastic on the bottle.

  1. Take your chair apart. Make sure you take the plastic back off the top cushion as well. IMG_0748
  2. Take all of your plastic pieces somewhere well ventilated to spray paint them. Since I live in an apartment building, an amazing friend of mine let me come over and spray in her backyard. Do not spray indoors unless you have a spray booth. I also got the fancy spray paint attachment you see in the picture to help spray it on evenly. You don’t need it, but it keeps your hands from getting painted, and keeps the spray even. Spray all surfaces of your chair.IMG_0751
  3. While your plastic pieces are drying, cut out your fabric. I would start with the larger, bottom piece. Lay your bottom piece on the back of the fabric and cut around it about 2-3 inches all the way around. You need to be sure you have enough fabric to wrap around it.
  4. Starting with a corner, pull the fabric tight on the back of the bottom piece, and staple it down. Continue all the way around and secure all of loose fabric. IMG_0753
  5. Repeat with the back support piece.
  6. Add a second, and third layer of paint if needed.
  7. Once paint is dry, reassemble the chair.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful new piece of furniture!IMG_0766

I love my new chair so much, I plan to decorate my whole craft room to match. This is probably one of my favorite projects. And it was so simple. Give it a try and show me how your accent chairs turn out!



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