Top 10 Children’s Movies on Netflix

I love Netflix. Let’s be real, who doesn’t? But sometimes it can be hard to find something worth watching. I have been on the hunt for good children’s movies lately, but I keep finding horrible remakes of classics from my childhood. (Like the new Scooby-Doo show. It is just awful.)

Since I am lucky enough to nanny two very outgoing kids, I decided to ask them their opinions on the matter. They very quickly turned it into a game and started asking all the kids on the playground, until I had a pretty good poll going. I started with my top choices and listened to their opinions and they added more movies I had over looked. In the end, I came up with a “Kid Approved” list of the best movies on Netflix.

Here you have it:

10. Turbo

Turbo pretty much got the same response from every kid: “eehhh”. They all said they would watch it again, but it wasn’t their favorite movie in the world. I thought it was a cute movie, but for the most part, I agreed with the kids.

9. The Emperor’s New Groove

This movie was hit or miss on the playground. The kids who had seen it, LOVED it. Then there were all the poor, poor children who had never even heard of it. I recommend this hilarious movie to ANYONE, young or old,  who hasn’t yet seen it.

8. The Rescuers

I was refreshingly surprised that this movie made the cut. I loved it growing up, but it is very old now. It isn’t usually grouped with well-known Disney Classics so I wasn’t expecting any of them to even know what it was when I read it off my list. To my surprise they all knew and loved this movie a lot.

7. Hercules

Back when I roamed the playground, there was often debate on the best Disney movie. The two movies that were always in competition for number one were Lion King and Hercules. Times have changed but I knew Hercules would at least make the cut. It was way more popular with the older boys. The younger girls didn’t consider Meg a princess, so poor Herc only advanced to #7 on the modern playground.

6. How to Train Your Dragon II

When I brought my list, I didn’t even include this movie. I didn’t think I would have room for sequels. But almost every kid asked why it wasn’t listed. So How to Train Your Dragon II not only made it on the list, but made it to number six.

5. Pocahontas

I actually had no idea this one was on Netflix until the kids told me. I saw Pocahontas II, but some how missed the original. I was so proud of them for not only knowing about it, but liking it enough to add it to my list.

4. Aristocats

None of the kids knew this movie by name. Instead they knew it as the “Everybody wants to be a cat” movie. But once we cleared up what movie I was talking about, the verdict was unanimous: They love it.

3. Lilo and Stitch

lilo-stichThis one was pretty obvious to me. What child doesn’t find the mischievous Stich both hilarious and adorable? The fluffy, blue alien didn’t get a single bad review on the playground. (If your kids enjoy the adventures of Lilo and Stich, there are several sequels and a TV show on Netflix. They may not have made the list, but any Stich lover would give them 5 stars.)

2. The Croods

the-croodsI have only seen this movie a few times and from what I remember it was precious. A movie that combines humor and family values is always a winner with me. And it was a clear winner with both boys and girls of all ages as well. A great choice that the whole family will enjoy!

1. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

mr-peabody-Every single kid on that playground LOVED this movie. I can’t disagree with them either. This movie is fun for the kids and is sprinkled with humor adults will love too. This is by far, one of my favorite movies on Netflix in general right now and deserves the number one spot on this list.

There you have it. A list made by kids, for kids. The next time you are scrolling aimlessly through Netflix, trying to find something to watch for your whole family, take a look back at this list. It won’t disappoint.



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