DIY Cat Hide Away

I have seen a lot of cat tents floating around the internet lately. Our cat, Smittens, is always finding new places in our apartment to hide from our puppy. So I decided to try and find out if he would enjoy his own hide away. I found some pretty simple instructions and modified them to fit the supplies I had on hand. It only took about 10 minutes to put it together. (So if he ended up hating it, no harm done.)


  • IMG_1262Medium or Large T-Shirt (I used a v-neck to make the opening bigger for all of Smittens’ fluff)
  • Two Wire Hangers
  • A Piece of Cardboard (I used the lid of a large pizza box)
  • Tape
  • Safety Pins (optional)
  • Something to Cut and Bend the Hangers (I used a combination of Scissors and Vise Grips)


  1. Reenforce the edges of the cardboard piece with the tape.
  2. Cut and bend the wire hangers into “C” shapes.
  3. Tape the hangers together at the top, making a “X”.
  4. Cut holes in the corners of the cardboard piece and insert the ends of the hangers. Bend under and reenforce with tape.
  5. Insert wire structure into the t-shirt and tighten around the bottom. Attach to bottom using tape or safety pins.
  6. Place a blanket or old bed inside for added comfort.

Introducing Your Pet:

Introducing your cat to his/her new hangout could take some time. Be patient and try placing treats inside and placing the tent in an area he/she frequents. It make take several days for your furry friend to be comfortable with his/her new hang out so just let it happen at its own pace.



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