Easter Baskets for Pets

If your family is anything like mine, your pets are a huge part of your family. This Easter our furry babies got a visit from the Easter Bunny and they each got their very own basket. They loved every single thing they got and it made me very happy. Of course, putting together an Easter basket isn’t rocket science and anyone could come up with things to throw into one to make it work. But I figured I would share what we included in our pet’s baskets to help spark inspiration for your fur babies. We started with cheap plastic baskets from Target. We decided to go with something affordable that we could reuse or repurpose. 

Easter Toys:

Smitten's BasketYou can find holiday themed pet toys just about anywhere these days. Walmart always has a large selection of toys set aside for any upcoming holiday. Their prices are usually low, but Koda tends to rip through their dog toys in a matter of days. There are several pet stores near us that also sell themed toys. I went to Petsmart ready to use my Pet Perks card for discounts. I love the “Toys R Us” line of pet toys, so I looked at those first. They had the most colorful and practical Easter toys for dogs, so I grabbed a pack of squeaky Easter Eggs and an Easter Egg that holds treats for Koda. He spent the first few hours making a whole lot of noise with the squeaky eggs. He loves to throw them and then chase them. He chews on his treat holding egg even when we don’t put treats in it. The cat section had a few other brands that caught my eye. They had little plush peeps and bunnies. I ended up getting a smaller version of the treat holding egg, a pack of plush eggs, and a plush “chocolate” bunny for Smittens. He chased his eggs around once or twice but he was more interested in his other goodies.

Pet Specific Toys:

TunnelNo one knows your pet like you do so be sure to get something you know your fur baby will love. Since Koda is still teething he has been getting a lot of new toys consistently for a few months. Smittens doesn’t get new things a lot, so I mostly got pet specific toys for him. I spent a good deal of time perusing the cat aisle, once again starting with the “Toys R Us” brand. I ended up finding a 3-way tunnel with hanging toys in the middle, and toy that has a ball that rotates around in circles as the cat touches it. He gave everything a try as I gave them to him but he completely disregarded the rest of his toys once I opened the tunnel. He has spent the past few days playing in it, behind it, over it, and around it. For those of you who know our Koda Bear, he can’t sleep without some background noise. When we first brought him home, we had just gotten Despicable Me 2 for Christmas. So we let that play the first few nights and he fell right asleep. After a while I figured he was probably sick of it so we changed it up and he didn’t sleep until we put Despicable Me back in. He still calms down the second he hears it, although he has branched out to a few other movies. For Koda’s pet specific gift I got him a Minion Madness DVD.


Normally I would have gotten our little guys some treats, but we had just stocked up on bulk packs of treats for both of them so I didn’t this time. But every holiday since we moved into our new place we have given Smittens wet food when we sit down for our holiday dinner so we kept up with that tradition. I put their wet food in their baskets with their toys. Koda ate his in one big bite. Smittens is still working on finishing his. They both loved them and they were less than a dollar a piece.

They both loved their baskets and spent all morning playing with their new toys. It made Zac and I happy to see the two of them so playful. Even if Smittens was hiding in his tunnel, it was one of the first times we were all four in the same room together. It was a very nice way to start our Easter Sunday.

There are endless possibilities for things to add to your pets basket. Some of the things we used may not work for you and some of them may be perfect. Don’t feel lame for wanting to include them, they are a part of your family! But maybe feel a little lame if you get your puppy bunny ears to wear for the day. Either way, make it your own and have fun with it!



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