Meet Smittens

This is oIMG_0563ur amazing cat, Smittens. My husband’s college friends had a cat who had several kittens. They couldn’t take care of them all, so they were offering them to their friends. Zac and I went to go play with the kittens on September 21, 2013 and we met little Smitts. He loved to play with straws and chase string. We fell in love with him and took him back to Zac’s apartment that day. I was only there on a visit, so I left the two of them in Kentucky. They grew closer everyday, and now the two of them are best friends.

These days not much has changed between the two of them. Smittens wasn’t really sure if he liked me moving in with them, but he has slowly warmed up to me. Some days, when Zac isn’t home, he gives me snuggles. He spends his days on the dining room table or the back of the couch. And he spends his night running around our bedroom, and jumping on my nightstand to mess with my glass of water.

He is my little gentleman, so he almost always sports a bow tie. He is the cutest, fluffiest cat, and watching him grow from a tiny kitten, to a big fluffy cat has been amazing. We love you, Smittens!


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