Disney Bounding – What is it?

wpid-wp-1444956702450.jpegI find myself trying to explain Disney Bounding to people all the time. In simple terms, Disney Bounding is the line where passion for Disney and Fashion collide. It’s a way for Disney Nerds, like myself, to express their love for their favorite characters without wearing a costume. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes to Disney World, because they could be mistaken for actual characters. This mishap could ruin the magic for children. So a lot of Disney fanatics have started to Disney Bound in the parks.

The official title “Disney Bound” came from Leslie Kay, who started a Tumblr page to show her excitement for an upcoming trip to the parks. She called it “Disney Bound”. She posted one outfit on her Tumblr page and gained a couple hundred followers so she continued and now her blog is famous and Disney Bounding is a staple in any Disney Freak’s plans to visit the parks.

Leslie defines Disney Bounding as:

DisneyBounding is a way for teenagers and adults to show their love and appreciation for Disney and play dress up without actually wearing a costume so it takes trendy clothes and bases the outfits after Disney characters.

For example, my husband and I wore the above outfits to Bound as MIckey and Minnie. You don’t have to match the outfit exactly, but instead use staple pieces for each character. For Minnie, I was sure to find something with polka dots, and the colors red, black, and yellow. For Mickey, we used the colors red and black. I wanted to wear ears, but my husband didn’t. That’s the great thing about Disney Bounding. It’s all about taking the character’s personality and making it YOUR OWN. So he didn’t wear ears, but people still called us Mickey and Minnie all day!

I love Disney Bounding so much. I was under the impression that Disney didn’t recognize this as “Disney Bounding” but they may acknowledge your outfit. But I had several Cast members throughout the parks tell me they “loved my bound”. And everyone recognized who we were EVERYWHERE we went. It was so much fun. I recommend DIsney Bounding to any adult who wants to visit the parks!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I slowly begin to turn my entire wardrobe into one large Disney Bound! ❤

Here are a few of the Disney Bound outfits I’ve tried so far!


Ariel and Prince Eric

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Jack Skellington and Sally

Pocahontas and John Smith



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