Easter Egg Wreath

We recently purchased new bedroom furniture. The delivery men managed to hit the wreath on our door with every single thing they carried in. Now our wreath is completely falling apart. Easter is right around the corner, so I decided to make an Easter Egg Wreath to replace our old, beat up one. It was very simple and looks so festive hanging on our door.


  • Wreath Wire Frame
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Spring Colored Bow
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Short Ribbon (not pictured)

**You can buy a bag of plastic eggs at Dollar Tree for $1.00 or a bag of 45 at Walmart for $1.42. The Dollar Tree eggs hold together better, but for this project, either will work. The wire wreath frame came from Walmart and the bow came from Michael’s.**


IMG_1320IMG_13181. Hot glue plastic eggs to the wire frame and to each other. Be sure to spread each color out, otherwise the wreath will become lopsided and uneven. Cover as much of the wire as possible. In my opinion, it looks better if the eggs are glued upward, as opposed to flat to the wire, but both will work. Also, make sure the eggs are all the way shut before gluing them down. (If they aren’t and you try to shut them while glued, they could crack.)

2. Continue to glue the eggs around the wire frame. Go back around the whole frame and reenforce the stability of the wreath by gluing any loose eggs together.

IMG_13223. Lastly, glue your bow down to the bottom of your wreath. You may want to glue it in several places to ensure it won’t bend up after being outside for long durations of time. The bow I purchased had a twist tie on the back. I looped the twist tie through the wire frame and tied it. The glue should be enough to hold it, so you could just cut the twist ties off if you wanted.

Depending on the spacing of your Easter eggs, you may be able to hang your wreath as it is. But if your eggs are glued too closely, you may want to add a short ribbon to the top to hang it. I looped a 4 inch, pink ribbon through the frame, and double knotted it in place.


        Now you’re finished! Hang your beautiful wreath on your front door with pride! Your festive Easter Egg Wreath will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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